Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend wore the most sophisticated outfits on a date to The Louvre

J.Lo and her boyfriend, former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez, stepped out in Paris on Saturday and they looked so Parisian that the only appropriate reaction is, “Ooh, la la.” Lopez and Rodriguez have quickly become one of the best looking *and most supportive* celebrity couples, but they’re also establishing themselves as one of the most stylish couples…ever.

J.Lo and A-Rod (yes, they even have similar celeb nicknames) were stunning together at the Met Gala back in May where Lopez’s fairytale light blue Valentino gown was complemented by Rodriguez’s debonair navy blue Tom Ford tux. Almost two months later and they’re still going stylish and strong, as is evident from the photos of the couple’s date at the Louvre.

Okay, they are both just head-to-toe perfection. Everything from J.Lo’s low bun to her rectangular sunglasses to her oversized hoops (how could she not), to her bracelet cuff and structured beige bag — which matches her beige belt and also her strappy beige stilettos — is perfection. And that doesn’t even include the dress!

Lopez’s classy printed and pleated pussy-bow dress is made by Gucci, and the Italian designer seems to have made the perfect dress for gazing at art with one’s muscular boyfriend in France. And speaking of J.Lo’s muscular boyfriend, Rodriguez is not looking too shabby himself.

We see those brown sunglasses matching your brown shoes, A-Rod! It seems like someone has been learning from his accessorizing master of a girlfriend. He did call her “one of the smartest human beings,” so he’s right to take notes.

We should all be taking notes, really, because we’ve never seen a couple looking quite as chic in Paris as A-Rod and J.Lo.