Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to be goals af with their joint birthday party

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating for about five months now, but their latest move has taken their commitment up a few notches.

J.Lo and A-Rod celebrated a joint birthday party last night because the couple that birthdays together stays together.

We’re kind of romance fangirling over this joint birthday party in Miami — we just think it’s a fantastic idea.

J.Lo’s birthday is today, July 24th, while her beau’s special day is later this week on July 27th. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and second of all, let’s just swoon a bit over these birthday bash photos.

Shoutout to Lopez’s personal photographer, Ana Carballosa, who seems to be the mastermind behind J.Lo and A-Rod’s incredibly photogenic life.

Jen captioned several of her photos from their birthday with “Leos,” so clearly the star is into astrology. Astrology queen Susan Miller has some thoughts on Leos dating one another. Here’s an excerpt from Miller’s essay “I am Leo, My Lover is Leo,” and it’s basically like she wrote it with J.Lo and A-Rod in mind.

“Both of you are gregarious, warm, generous lovers who show affection easily and always want more. You both are quite elegant, with refined and sophisticated taste. You adore making an entrance together, dressed in beautiful clothing, and being seen at fine restaurants, black tie parties and all kinds of cultural events. Since neither of you is practical about money, hopefully, one or both of you have a king’s ransom stashed away or makes a big salary to cover your wondrous lifestyle.”


Happy birthday to the Leo loves!

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