Jennifer Lawrence’s tense new clip from “Passengers” has us gasping for air

Ever since we first heard about Passengers, we knew the movie would be amazing. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt joining forces in a futuristic science fiction thriller is the stuff movie dreams are made of.

And this latest clip of Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers battling gravity suggests that this film is going to be even more spectacular than we originally thought.

The clip, which was shared exclusively with Entertainment Weekly, starts out innocently. The beautiful Aurora (as portrayed by JLaw) decides to go for a swim. Everything seems normal enough until the power on their space station goes out and it takes a scary turn.

The power outage causes the ship’s gravity to get compromised. So her relaxing swim turns into a straight-up battle for survival.

No matter where she turns, Aurora can’t seem to get free of the water that surrounds her and we can’t help but freak out for her.

Even though we’re aware it’s just a movie, it still has our hearts pumping. The special effects in this film look amazing. The sheer size and scale of the space station has us like whoa. Combine that station with seeing a swimming pool start to float around in zero gravity while a person floats in the middle gasping for air, and you’ve got a formula for some serious adrenaline.

Needless to say, this movie is going to be completely mind-blowing.

Passengers will premiere on December 21st of this year. Hopefully more exciting clips will be shared so we can satisfy our Passengers cravings until we finally get to experience it on the big screen.