Jennifer Lawrence’s new Dior campaign is way better than your high school French class

High fashion ad campaigns are usually overly dramatic and serious, but Jennifer Lawrence’s new Dior campaign is actually pretty hysterical. In a perfectly subdued, tasteful way of course. In a new video for the pre-fall campaign called “La Fille Américaine,” Lawrence is sitting at a table in a “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt and jeans. Title cards announce what she’s doing in French. She plays with her Dior bag (“Le Sac”), texting (“Le Texto”), and a flower (“La Fleur”). Everything else she does, like putting on lipstick, frowning and smiling, playing with a bird in a cage laying with a canary in a birdcage, pushing a vase off a table, is also described with title cards and a narrator in French. So you can practice your pronunciation, too.

It’s not “funny haha,” but it’s sort of amusing. The campaign was shot by Brigitte Lacombe, but this particular video was directed by Fabien Baron. In another video, Lawrence talks about how much fun it was to work with women (the line was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri). She says in another behind-the-scenes video, “It’s exciting to work with a woman photographer because, frankly, there aren’t very many.”

The new Christian Dior campaign is all about feminism.

Lawrence added, “Whenever I think of a feminist, I think of a confident woman.” Sort of like la fille Américaine in the video. For Chiuri, it’s about a little more than that.

The designer told The Guardian that when she was tapped to “reinvent” Christian Dior, people kept telling her that the label was “feminine.” She added, “But as a woman, ‘feminine’ means something different to me than it means to a man, perhaps. Feminine is about being a woman, no? I thought to myself: if Dior is about femininity, then it is about women. And not about what it was to be a woman 50 years ago, but to be a woman today.”

The Roman native added, “Feminism for me is about equal opportunities. If I am going to stand for something, I would like to stand for this idea: that if you are a woman you can have these opportunities in life.”

The collection definitely gives off a confident, powerful, and casual vibe. While we look forward to the rest of the campaign, we’ll brush up on our French skills.