Here’s what we know about Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie role

Everybody’s favorite down-to-earth superstar, Jennifer Lawrence, has confirmed her next movie role, according to Entertainment Online. And, to no one’s surprise, it’s a big one.

She will play the namesake role Marita in the upcoming Sony Pictures’ film, which will follow the story of Fidel Castro’s former lover turned anti-communist leader and CIA operative.



But we’re not worried. We know she can handle.

The Academy Award-winning actress is no stranger to biopics having been nominated for another Oscar this year for Joy. Nor is she a stranger to playing strong women on the screen, infusing with the perfect mix of strength and vulnerability. Nor, based on her friendly nature and off-the-cuff style, is she a stranger to anyone it seems.


Marita will be based on the true story of Marita Lorenz who, at 19-years-old, became Fidel Castro’s lover and pregnant with his child. It will follow the twists and turns of life after that. A life that would, eventually, lead her to working with the CIA in an attempt to kill Castro and then later testifying before the U.S. Congress that she had observed a plot to assassinate former President John F. Kennedy.

Like I said… whoa.


We have no doubt that, like everything she does, our girl JLaw will knock it out of the park. And with yet another meaty role under her belt, perhaps even more prestigious nominations are in her future.

After all, award season is a lot more fun when she’s around.


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