Jennifer Lawrence’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” guest host stint won Twitter

This week, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is away from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live while his son undergoes heart surgery, so Kimmel’s famous friends have stepped in to help him out by guest hosting the show. Some of those guests included Channing Tatum, who treated the audience to a full-blown dance routine. Shaquille O’Neal, who just played basketball on stage. And Jennifer Lawrence, who was so good that Jimmy Kimmel should be frightened for his job security.

“I am the fourth and final guest host of the week,” Lawrence said in her monologue. “Jimmy will be back on Monday, so until then, it is up to me to save health care.”

Lawrence did a man-on-the-street bit called “can you name five Jennifer Lawrence films” that nobody could answer. She joked about her boozy behavior, saying she “drank an entire box of chardonnay and I feel much better.” She interviewed  Kim Kardashian for nearly 20 minutes and it was so enchanting, we could have watched for another 20.

Lawrence was so damn good that Twitter is unofficially campaigning to make her a real talk show host.

Or as this one Twitter user put it:

"Every time jennifer lawrence is on a late night show, i want her interview to be the entire hour and now it finally is."

Honestly, same.

If Lawrence is ever tired of, you know, winning Oscars, the public is clearly ready for her to host a talk show. false

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#JenniferLawrenceTalkShow anyone? Let’s be real, the late night landscape desperately needs more women.

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