Jennifer Lawrence’s dog is all of us while out on a walk with her mom

Here’s something you should know about us. We probably relate to dogs more than we relate to other humans, and that’s because they’re always candid. Their facial expressions do not lie. Although she’s living amongst fame, Jennifer Lawrence’s dog is no different.

While out on a walk with her famous mom, Pippi Lawrence-Stocking (yes, that is her real name, and don’t you forget it!) embodied the struggle of day-to-day life. This is her story (Law & Order DUN DUN).

*Record Scratch**Freeze frame* “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.”


“Well, it was record-breaking hot outside and my mother decided that we were going to take a leisurely stroll through New York City. That meant paws on the pavement and leash tethered to my back.”

“I was upset and trying to come to terms.”


“I telepathically convinced Mom to take a car at least half-way to our destination. She obliged, and I savored the air conditioning while I had the chance. But once I made contact with that sweltering sidewalk, I found myself quoting the old saying, all good things must come to an end.”


“The leash itched and my legs grew tired as we walked further and further from the car. I tried to keep my cool, so to speak, but heck — it’s hard to keep your cool when it’s 95 degrees outside!”

“I decided I need to rebel to show Mom that I control my own destiny, and my destiny does not include exercising in hot weather while wearing a harness!”


“So I wound my leash around an innocent bystander. If I had to take someone down to prove my point, then I would do so.”


“In an effort to thwart future takedowns of innocent bystanders, Mom released me from my leash and for a moment, I enjoyed the feeling of freedom. My agitation caused by the heat and leash melted as Mom and I strode down the street, side-by-side.”


“And in the blink of an eye, we ended up back at the car. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and I hated to admit it after my incessant complaining, but perhaps I was having fun.”


“I thought to myself that maybe it’s time that I stop rebelling because of the bad and focus on the good in every situation. I got to spend quality time with my mother and got a few pictures taken of me by other humans. A lot of other dogs might not have it as good as I do, and perhaps it’s time I start putting things into perspective.”

Wow, what an eye-opening retelling. Thank you to Pippi Lawrence-Stocking for giving us a look into her life with mom, Jennifer Lawrence. We hope to hear more from you in the future!

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