Jennifer Lawrence’s airport ensemble is giving us major Yoko Ono vibes

In case it wasn’t official before, it’s glaringly obvious now: Jennifer Lawrence is killing it with her wardrobe this month!

During the promo tour for Passengers, J-Law touched down at the airport in South Korea, wearing an outfit that immediately made us think of Yoko Ono and her ridiculously awesome style.

She looked so comfortable (which you really have to be when traveling), yet somehow totally coordinated. Can “haphazard style” officially be a new thing? Because we’re crushing on that winter coat so hard, not to mention the black (Michael Jackson-esque?) gloves and super comfy pants.

Look at her rock it like a pro!


Now on to our other favorite lady, Yoko.


You guys see it too, right? Their vibes are totally in sync right now.

Now back to J-Law.

It’s genuinely challenging to strike a balance between comfort and style while traveling, but clearly the Passengers superstar has zero trouble in that department. She appears impossibly fresh and radiant (and, woah, cheerful! After a flight to Seoul!).


And can we talk about the back of her outfit for a moment? From the furry coat lining to the way her hair is back in a loose ponytail, to her casual sneakers…this is low key and high class.


Seriously J-Law, you just gave us some precious fashion inspo for when we travel, and it’s a great time to hear it…because it’s almost the holidays, which inevitably means planes, trains, and automobiles!