Jennifer Lawrence wants you to drink wine with her for a good cause

It’s not a big surprise, but Jennifer Lawrence enjoys wine. And so do we. In fact, it’s definitely something we have in common with the actress. So just imagine how we felt when we learned that Lawrence was auctioning off a trip to a winery, alongside a lot of other fun goodies.

The trip is for charity, and an incredible one at that. By trying to win the grand prize, you will raise money towards Represent.Us, an organization set to pass anticorruption laws in local, national and state government. It’s a cause that means a lot to Lawrence, since she’s a board member. So really, the entire campaign is a win-win for her.

"We can't continue this divide and anger," Lawrence said in the September issue of Vogue. "There are issues affecting us as human beings, not as liberals and not as Republicans...we have to protect the foundation of this country, and acceptance."

The actress is offering the incredible prize through Omaze, a fundraising platform that many celebrities have been linked to in recent months. As part of the campaign, the winner will be flown out to California to hang out in the vineyard with Lawrence.

Need more information? Let the great Jennifer Lawrence explain it to you herself.

As expected, it’s pretty hilarious. After all, who knows what might happen after sampling wine with the actress? Maybe you’ll end up calling exes.

The video also includes Lawrence playing a game called “Movie Review or Wine Review” — which is funny, since it’s not like we needed a reason to drink wine with her anyway.

Ten bucks will give you 100 chances to win. No matter what, the money will be going to a good cause. What do you have to lose?

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