LOLing at the behind-the-scenes vid of J. Law’s ‘Vogue’ shoot

Jennifer Lawrence is mega talented and ridiculously down to Earth, which are just two out of the hundred reasons why we love her so much. The latter reason might be the most important, because no matter how many blockbusters she stars in, or Oscar noms she receives, she’s still J. Law through and through. And that means she’s going to try to make us laugh no matter what.

Lawrence is Vogue‘s December cover girl, and while she might be all glammed up for that photo, for everything else she’s a total goofball. In a “behind the scenes” video, Vogue captured what it’s like to be Jennifer Lawrence, and have to suffer strut through a shoot. As she explains early on, the only reason she’s on this shoot is because she saw “a black Cadillac SUV in my driveway, so I just assumed I should get in it . . . now I realize I’ve made the biggest mistake of my entire life.”

Well we’re totally winning on the LOLs from J. Law’s snafu and can’t help but laugh as she pretends to be Susan Sarandon and complains about the fact that the bathrooms on the shoot are all fake. She also proves she’s more than capable to do her own on-set lighting.

After all that, she jumps on a horse and rides off into the distance. Hopefully Lawrence comes back soon, because it’s no fun to go too long without her. Check out her candid Vogue interview below, which is just what we needed for Friday.

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