Jennifer Lawrence talks about being a tween, shares best pizza-sandwich recipe

Reason #6,823 to love Jennifer Lawrence: the total realness she’s been dropping recently with Glamour. The actress graced the cover of the magazine’s February issue and gave her most candid interview yet. And it doesn’t stop there — J-Law also teamed with Glamour for a tell-all video called “Jennifer Lawrence tells it like it is.”

If you like Jennifer Lawrence, you’re REALLY going to like this video. Her down-to-earth “I’m just like you” side is showing more than ever, and we can’t get enough of it. Plus, her interview is accompanied by adorable illustrations of what she’s talking about.

The funny clip is a series of questions, ranging from “You’ve accidentally killed someone. Who do you call to help hide the body?” to “What’s your signature scent?” Of course, her answers are hilarious.


“My signature scent probably is already red wine. It’s always seeping through my pores,” she jokes. “I smell like a cabernet.”

Jennifer also reveals her greatest food invention: A chili pizza sandwich. Yes, really. Luckily for us, she shares the recipe: Take a piece of pizza, add some chili (with noodles in it—southern style) on top and slap another piece of pizza on top. Voila: the greatest sandwich ever.


The video has its serious moments too. J-Law takes a minute to reflect back on her awkward tween years and shares what advice she wishes she could tell her middle-school self—advice that definitely rings true for today’s tweens as well.

“This is gonna suck. There’s nothing you can do about it. But you will grow out of this one day and become an adult, and everything will be better,” the actress advises. “But! You get zits your whole life. Nobody ever tells you that.”


Jennifer goes on to share her favorite swear word and explain what traditional female quality she finds underrated. But I don’t want to spoil all the fun, so watch the entire video below to see what else she says!Watch this on The Scene.

Featured image via Glamour