Jennifer Lawrence says it’s our “duty” to help others in a powerful statement against Trump’s Muslim ban

As more and more horrifying events continue to unfold in the United States, celebrities have begun to speak out, with Jennifer Lawrence’s words on Trump’s immigration ban being the latest to inspire us during these dark, uncertain times.

Using her one approved form of social media — her Facebook page — Lawrence posted a statement condemning President Trump’s executive ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations entering the States.

She wrote,

My broken heart goes out to the innocent lives of Muslim refugees that are trying to escape terror and find safety for their families. I and millions of Americans understand that someone's race or religion should never keep them in harm's way. It should be every person's duty to help and protect anyone no matter their nationality. I pray for sanity and compassion to return to the White House."


This is not the first time Lawrence has spoken out publicly against Trump, as she stated last May that his presidency would be the “end of the world,” and penned a Broadly column following his surprise win in November.

“This country was founded on immigration and today the only people that feel safe, that their rights are recognized and respected are white men,” Lawrence wrote. “I want to be positive; I want to support our democracy, but what can we take away from this? It’s a genuine question that we all need to ask ourselves. We shouldn’t blame anyone, we shouldn’t riot in the streets. We should think strongly and clearly about what to do next because we cannot change the past.”

We know you can’t see us, but know that we’re giving the Three Finger Salute right now.


We’re not sure what celebrities’ role will be in influencing and informing their public about hard issues over the next four years, and we’re pretty sure Lawrence doesn’t, either. But as a fellow concerned citizen, we’re thrilled to see that Lawrence is not staying silent — and hope to see her marching alongside us someday soon.