Jennifer Lawrence talks about that time she totally embarrassed herself in front of Harrison Ford

One of the reasons why we totally love Jennifer Lawrence is because she’s totally not afraid to embrace her clumsy moments. When she tripped up the steps to accept her Oscar back in 2013, our love for her grew — since we’re so used to seeing celebrities at their best, it’s super relatable to see them handle less than graceful moments in such a professional, humorous way.


J.Law’s latest moment of cringe came when she met Harrison Ford, which is a story she decided to share on The Graham Norton Show this past Friday. And, hey — she probably chose to dish about this moment since she knew it’d make our Lawrence love grow even more.

Lawrence was out with her friend Jack Whitehall, and spotted both Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams in the crowd. She assumed they’d be approachable, and decided to make her introduction fun, by dancing at their table. Unfortunately, her good-natured attempt was met with complete silence, as she realized that both Ford and Abrams had no idea who she was. “I just turned around and walked back to Jack dying of embarrassment,” she told Norton. From there, she stayed silent, reflecting on the moment.


But eventually, the story had somewhat of a happy ending. While Ford did decided to chat up Whitehall that night, as they had filmed a show together, he later sent Lawrence a message after figuring out who this crazy dancing lady actually was. So thankfully Lawrence can put this moment past her.

Of course, this is just one more addition to the list of great J.Law embarrassing moments that we know and love, alongside the time when she accidentally punched co-star Sophie Turner in the ladyparts, the moment where she swore she was chatting with Elizabeth Taylor, who was deceased, and that time she accidentally flashed her thong at Francis Ford Coppola, who she’s a huge fan of, because of her unzipped dress. Oh, and that time when Liam Hemsworth admitted to Seth Meyers that Lawrence was “terrible at walking,” noting how he’s “constantly surprised by how much she falls down without trying at all.”

And, well… there are quite a few more moments that we’ve witnessed. It’s okay, J.Law. We’ll always be there for you.