Before Jennifer Lawrence was a movie star, she was the sitcomiest teenager on television

Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award-winning actress, David O. Russell’s muse, and our queen Katniss Everdeen. She’s the Girl on Fire onscreen and IRL. But there was a time, not so many moons ago in 2007, when Lawrence wasn’t an A-lister or even a household name, but just the sitcom-y teenage daughter on TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show.


The show starred comedian Bill Engvall as a dad that has a tough time figuring out his family. Though we think J.Law’s basically the easiest to figure out in this show. She’s a teenager on a sitcom. She’s the teenageriest teenager on the sitcomiest sitcom.

Below are some of our favorite teenager-y, sitcom-y moments Lawrence had on the show. And just remember while you’re watching this, SHE WINS THE OSCAR LIKE FIVE YEARS LATER.

All the sass at the dinner table:


She gets her belly button pierced to mess with Mom and Dad:


JK, it’s a prank, teenagers are hilarious:


That “First time you do the laundry by yourself” rite of passage:


And the “Picking a name for your fake ID” rite of passage:


Walking in on naked parents:


Face when asked to do her chores:


Getting pulled over…and then accidentally backing into the police car that just pulled you over:


Not really getting the whole “joining the workforce” thing:


Bellowing the eternal Teenage Cry of War:


Never change, J.Law. I mean, win an Oscar and become super famous, but besides THAT, never change.