Jennifer Lawrence shocked high school students by showing up to talk about politics

We always dreamed about celebrities making surprise appearances at our high school, but for the students of Cleveland Heights High School in Ohio, that dream became a reality. Jennifer Lawrence showed up at their school, but it wasn’t to promote a movie — instead, she came to talk a little about politics, and how it’s important for students to be aware of what’s happening within our government.

The appearance was made possible by Represent.Us, an organization whose goal is to unite people across the political spectrum to pass anti-corruption laws. Lawrence spoke to kids during their government class about how to help fix democracy. And it seems like the students were more than willing to participate.

In an interview on the school district’s website, a student named Londyn Crenshaw — who was given the honor of introducing Lawrence to the class — noted how impressed he was by the actress.

“It was really amazing how informed Ms. Lawrence is about politics,” Crenshaw said to the reporters from Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District. “It makes a big difference when people who are just 10 years older than us come to talk about political issues. When she said ‘this is your time,’ that really made me think. I have been involved in my community and will continue to be involved in grassroots activism because it’s important.”

But that’s not all. As reported by People, Lawrence also took time to enjoy the town during her visit. She chose to eat at a local restaurant called Townhall, and it looks like the staff was happy to see her.

If Jennifer Lawrence ever wants to stop by and chat about politics with us, we’ll be there.

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