Jennifer Lawrence just survived an extremely scary experience in the sky

Yikes! It looks like Jennifer Lawrence did NOT have the best weekend. Flying is already a lot to deal with- even when you’re in a private jet. But Saturday, while JLaw was departing from her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, one of the engines on her private jet failed at 31,000 feet. 

Luckily for all of us, the quick-thinking pilots were able to make an emergency landing. Bizarrely, the other engine malfunctioned during their descent.

This is the part where we would’ve totally lost it, but we bet Jennifer Lawrence took it in stride.

Despite two busted engines, the pilots were able to land safely in Buffalo, New York. Emergency trucks arrived at the scene. Thankfully no one was hurt, just presumably pretty shaken up.

JLaw has a lot going on at the moment.

She has been filming the new spy thriller Red Sparrow with her former Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence. She’s currently dating filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and the two are reported to be getting serious. The Mummy franchise wants her for future films. She’s busy!

She does not have time for potential engine failure on future plane rides!

But if you’re now freaking out on her behalf about becoming the newest cast member on a reboot of Lost, remember that flying is super safe. Engine failures like this tend to be rare, and, thankfully, often end safely. Luckily, Jennifer had some well-trained pilots who knew exactly what to do in this potentially dangerous situation.

To paraphrase Olivia Pope, (someone who also flies a lot of private planes) it was handled!