Jennifer Lawrence Is Almost Unrecognizable With Red Hair and Bangs in Her New Movie

The bangs are truly a sight to see.

When Netflix dropped the teaser trailer for Don’t Look Up on September 8th, we finally got the full look at Jennifer Lawrence‘s red hair and bangs. Yes, we said red hair and bangs. We’d gotten glimpses during filming as early as last year, but you know how glimpses go—they’re hard to really know what you’re looking at.

Well here it is, friends. Here is Lawrence’s look in all its glory. Her character, Kate, has fiery red hair just below her shoulders, but it’s the super-short bangs that we’re mostly obsessed with. Check her out in the teaser trailer here:

And here’s one of those sneak peeks we got last December during filming:

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence almost exclusive rocks her blonde hair in real life, only ever changing it up in terms of length. She’s done the long thing and she’s done the short thing, but blonde is her go-to. With that being said, though, she’s definitely tried some other options, though it’s often for roles. When she starred as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games movies, she had dark brown hair. She stuck with that color a few other times between filming (probably because she knew how damn good it looked) but eventually went back to blonde.

It looks like Lawrence also loves to give her blonde hair dimension with babylights and some shading, because her hair always has a few different blondes happening. Pair that dimension with her signature beach wave and you’ve got the iconic Jennifer Lawrence ‘do. So *that’s* why seeing her with this red hair and choppy bangs threw us for a loop so much! We can’t deny how cool she looks, though, as Kate.

Don’t Look Up, which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Strep, Jonah Hill, and a host of other big names, premieres on Netflix on December 24th after its theatrical release on December 10th.

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