Jennifer Lawrence reacted to her Oscar nomination in the MOST Jennifer Lawrence way

Of course we’re not surprised that Jennifer Lawrence woke up this morning with another Oscar nomination for her performance in Joy. In addition to being one of the most thrilling actresses working today, she’s also no stranger to Oscar glitz. She’s now been nominated four times (and, of course, she won Best Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook). As expected, she reacted to her most recent nomination in the most Jennifer Lawrence way possible.

As the New York Times reports, rather than waking up at the butt crack of dawn for awards news, JLaw slept in, like the rest of the normal humans. When her assistant burst into the room to tell her the good news, Lawrence thought she was being woken up because she was late for something.

We love that the first thing JLaw’s brain went to was the normal-person reason for being abruptly woken up (“LATE!”) rather than the A-list actress reason (“Nominated for an award!”).

Lawrence has been working hard on her next film, the sci-fi romance Passengers with Chris Pratt, so hard, in fact, that her brain was entirely in work-mode and she wasn’t even thinking about the Oscars.

“I’ve been working so I didn’t know that nominations were out,” Lawrence told the New York Times. “I think that’s the way to do it.”

Good on Lawrence for being all about the work and not at all about the awards blitz. That said, of COURSE JLaw is grateful for the nom, because who isn’t, like, a little bit excited to get a freaking Oscar nomination?

“I’m very happy,” she reassured the Times.

And what does The Great And Powerful Lawrence plan on doing to celebrate her Streep-like streak of nominations? Just as she received the news in the most Jennifer Lawrence way possible, she’s going to celebrate  in the most Jennifer Lawrence way possible:

“I will come home and have a glass of wine and watch repeats of Veep,” Lawrence told the Times. “And that’s celebratory enough for me.”

Congratulations again on your nom, JLaw. You enjoy those Veeps, you earned them.

(Image via Fox 2000)

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