Jennifer Lawrence Puts Dior and Photoshop on Blast

Jennifer Lawrence is BREEZY. It’s easy to be breezy when you’re sipping a cocktail, at twilight, on the beach. Not as simple when you’re up for Best Actress at the biggest celebrity event of the year and the world is watching. Unless, of course, you’re Jennifer Lawrence and then it’s NBD. She can trip up stairs, expose her thighs and flirt with Jack Nicholson without breaking a sweat. She fields press questions like she’s at happy hour with her homies. It’s very refreshing.

Which is why we LOVED her unplugged reaction to seeing her Miss Dior photo spread for the first time. She was being interviewed by Access Hollywood at the Oscars when she first saw the pictures. JLaw goes, “Oh my God, I haven’t seen these…” She takes a quick glance and squeals, “That doesn’t look like me at all! I love Photoshop more than anything in the world!”

The host of Access Hollywood tried to explain to her that the pictures didn’t look Photoshopped and Jennifer quickly set him straight. She replied, “Of course it’s Photoshopped. People don’t look like that.”

People don’t look like that, but she kinda does. After watching Silver Linings Playbook a guy friend of mine commented on her looks saying, “She looks CGI. She has no pores, she’s just perfect.” So if anyone on the planet doesn’t need the help of Photoshop it’s Miss Lawrence. The fact that she was retouched highlights the absurdity of our beauty-crazed culture. If a 22-year-old knockout is getting digitally enhanced, then we can rest assured, none of the pictures we see in the glossies are the truth. We know this on some level but it’s so good to hear it out loud. I also imagined the people at Dior frantically running around the office, fabric flying and Blackberry’s shorting out after they heard her comment.

Her face is near perfection and her attitude is 100% real. She’s funny and spontaneous and sharp. There are examples of actresses who aren’t as breezy as Jennifer Lawrence but JLaw would never mention them so neither will I. Hollywood has a way of changing people but fingers crossed this It Girl’s outlook will remain perfectly imperfect.