Jennifer Lawrence admits the prank wars on “X-Men” got out of hand

While they may have been saving the world from catastrophe onscreen, offscreen the stars of the X-Men: Apocalypse were busy creating debauchery. During to a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Jennifer Lawrence and her co-star James McAvoy shared a hilarious (and graphic) story of a behind-the-scenes prank war involving a peeing incident that, well, made us pee a little from laughter.

Even though she no longer has to endure 8 hours of grueling body paint in order to become the famous Mystique, J.Law’s new costume still isn’t exactly the most comfortable. And while she’s a trooper for wearing what she said was essentially full-body pantyhose without complaint, she did have one minor complaint. She wasn’t able to actually sit in the Mystique costume. So if she wanted to use the restroom, she had to basically disrobe part of her costume and pee standing up using a funnel for help.

As if that weren’t an already funny enough story, James McAvoy chimed in as she was talking about the time the entire cast was engaged in a BB gun fight and he decided to storm in her room to attack her. The only problem was, she was in the middle of her complicated peeing process at the time. So, basically, things got a little messy (and absolutely hysterical).

From the sound of it, the tight-knit cast had a lot of fun with each other between shooting scenes. So much so that J.Law even jokes at the end of her interview segment, “Trust me, you’re gonna want to see this X-Men.”

And of course she’s right and we totally do.

Check out the full (and really funny) interview below.