Here’s why Jennifer Lawrence gloriously stormed out of this interview

In this Post-Punk’d world, it’s hard to pull a fast one on a celebrity without having to plan it out months (if not years) prior. That’s why the only solution seems to be is to instead have the prank-ERS become the prank-EES.

That’s what Prank it FWD intends to do in this case, by letting A-lister Jennifer Lawrence take an already-awkward prank situation and take it to a whole new level — to spin the circumstances around.

According to their website, Prank it FWD is a “pranks for good” charity whose mission is to raise awareness for homelessness and poverty. For every 1,000 views they receive on their videos, they’ll donate $1 to the non-profit “”

According to Nylon, Lawrence paired up with Prank it FWD and SMOSH super fan Dylan Miceli-Nelson to turn the tables on the SMOSH prankers. During the entire interview, Lawrence followed instructions from Micelli-Nelson through an earpiece, getting increasingly irate as the conversation unfolded.

Meanwhile, the SMOSH-ers were doing a little of the same, having the hosts instruct the other to ask increasingly asinine questions to the Hunger Games star. Eventually this concluded with Lawrence “storming out” forcing the SMOSH dudes to question their journalistic integrities.

Just kidding. Seconds later they knew it was a prank and went back to high-fiving. All’s good, bros!

Watch the entire prank-alicious video below!

For more information on Prank It FWD visit their website here. To donate to, visit their website here.

(Image via YouTube)