Jennifer Lawrence knew she had “made it” when Paul Rudd said THIS thing to her

Jennifer Lawrence’s answer to “when did you know when you’d made it,” might surprise you. It wasn’t when she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her first major film role (in Winter’s Bone). It wasn’t when she received several nominations for playing Mystique in X-Men: First Class, including the People’s Choice and Teen Choice Awards. It wasn’t when she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook, or became the second youngest actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress.

It wasn’t when she won her second Golden Globe and received her third nomination and Academy Award for American Hustle. It wasn’t even when Katy Perry freaked out about meeting her.

Jennifer Lawrence knew she’d made it when Paul Rudd told her he wanted to be friends with her.

Listen to her tell the story below:

“When people look back and wonder what happened, when she changed, when it all got destroyed, will be right here, at this moment. Because I have always looked at Paul Rudd and thought we’d be friends.”


Well, that moment was never far off. When Lawrence was just 14, she convinced her parents to let her move to New York City to give acting a go. She tells Handler they booked out a summer for their daughter in the city, which would be her “come to Jesus moment.” But then she booked a sitcom in Los Angeles, and during its hiatus filmed Winter’s Bone. “And then off it went,” she says.

So, yeah. Though Lawrence and Rudd have yet to appear in any movies together, she was destined to be friends with him. Because when JLaw sets a goal, she achieves it.