Jennifer Lawrence just revealed her most embarrassing moments (and they’re hilarious)

Our girl Jennifer Lawrence has kind of made a name for herself when it comes to embarrassing moments. They’re what make her so completely real and relatable, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys them. In fact, she kind of hates that people think she’s doing it as an act, because they really are so embarrassing. Last night on Jimmy Fallon, she revealed two embarrassing moments that are so deeply mortifying that she hadn’t told anyone about them.

We all know about her glorious Oscar trip-and-recover. But there was another moment that went down when she was meeting a fellow celebrity and a wardrobe malfunction caused her to reveal way more than she had intended after she was walking away. And that’s not all she’s got in her embarrassment arsenal.

It’s impossible for us to do these stories justice, so we’ll let Lawrence explain the all the cringe-worthy moments below:

(Image via YouTube)

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