Jennifer Lawrence + Michael Fassbender + Big Lebowski = AMAZING

Are you familiar with Jason Reitman’s series of Live Read performances? You should, because they’re GREAT. The Juno and Up In The Air director doesn’t just stick to film, and also runs a series of special one-night-only live performances of some of our favorite movies. So far, he’s tackled Star Wars, American Pie, and Ghostbusters. This latest Live Read of The Big Lebowski might be the best one yet, since Michael Fassbender played The Dude, and Jennifer Lawrence played Maude.

The Live Read was part of the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada, and those aren’t the only names Reitman asked to play a part. The Big Lebowski actually became sort of an X-Men vs. HBO’s Silicon Valley thing. Along with Fassbender and Lawrence, another X-Men: Apocalypse co-star, Olivia Munn, read the part of Bunny. Silicon Valley‘s T.J. Miller read for Brandt, Martin Starr for The Jesus, and then Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge read as The Stranger.

Patton Oswalt and Mae Whitman also joined the cast, as Water and Donnie, respectively. And who played the Big Lebowski himself? Dennis Quaid.

Though the performances sadly aren’t recorded in any means (those pesky copyright laws and stuff) a few lucky audience members managed to snap some pictures to share with the world. If it looks like Fassbender is wearing a bathrobe, it’s because he is. According to Oswalt, Fassbender went a little too “method” with his acting, and not only wore the robe, but also smoke and drank onstage. Just like The Dude.

According to Variety, Oscar-winner Lawrence, “stumbled through her lines,” but that’s only because she was sitting between Fassbender and Starr, who made her laugh so much she couldn’t concentrate. But hey, with this funny group? Whether on the stage or in the audience, we would have laughed just as hard as Lawrence.

(Images via Twitter.)