Jennifer Lawrence makes no apologies for having fun at a strip club

When you’re in the public eye, every move you make might become tabloid fodder. But Jennifer Lawrence had no regrets for being seen at a strip club last month, and made sure the world knew it. We definitely understand that strip clubs can be pretty controversial — and politically and socially loaded —but we think that Lawrence (and all women, really) should be able to have fun however she wants.

Lawrence was in Austria at the time to film Red Sparrow. In order to have a bit of fun, and simultaneously celebrate a friend’s birthday, she head over to the Beverly Hills Club in Vienna. She danced, she (probably) had a few drinks, and she had a fun time.

Of course, since she’s a beloved star, she was recognized pretty quickly. And she’s 100% okay with that.

We love everything about the response — from her admitting that the night was a total blast, to her clarifying that she wasn’t wearing “just a bra,” like stories reported. (But even if she did, hey — more power to her.)

 She even added a little humor to the mix, thus making it the best comeback ever. We have a feeling she rocked it out there, as far as dancing was concerned.

Why is Lawrence’s response important? Because it’s a reminder that celebrity or not, she’s a grown woman who’s free to make her own choices. We hope that Lawrence continues to stick up for herself.