Jennifer Lawrence Makes Bare-Faced Look Beautiful In New Dior Ads

Muuuuuuch better.

Seven months ago, Dior caught a lot of flack from the internet after the first series of Jennifer Lawrence x Miss Dior ads were released. In one of the photos, which hit the web right before the Oscar-winner had her now-infamous stair trip-up, depicted J. Law looking mighty fierce in a sharp black suit and netted veil. Oh. And that super striking cobalt-colored, chain-handle bag she was carrying? Not too shabby, either.

But the otherwise minimalistic editorial ads were missing something — and I’m not talking hunky male prop models. The ads appeared to have disposed of a great deal of Lawrence’s waist and her skin was smoother than milk. 

Naturally, the Catching Fire star laughed the “controversy” off:

But people DO look a lot more like a Lawrence looks in the latest set of Dior ads, captured by the same photographer who shot her for the first. And aren’t the freckled, bare-faced shots just SO much more refreshing? And does anyone else feel the need to immediately purchase a charcoal coat?

Featured image via Dior

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