Jennifer Lawrence just dropped some major truth about loving yourself

Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most relatable celebrity of our generation. With every talk show appearance and red carpet interview, we find ourselves repeating the refrain of, “She’s just like us!” We’re seriously pretty confident that if we ever met, we would be BFFs IRL.

Lawrence’s cool confidence isn’t arrogance, but rather the result of a strong understanding of who she is and insistence on being herself. We look up to her in so many ways! When she spoke with NYLON about the importance of self-love and being happy with your true self, we were all ears.

“I think we’re all born with certain traits and qualities and it’s important to just work with it and be happy,” Jennifer told NYLON, after admitting that she thinks about her physical appearance more than she’d like to. Hey girl, no judgment — we all do it.

The actress goes on to point out the importance of embracing these traits and qualities, because they’re what make you, you. They’re also what attract equally real and down-to-earth besties, like Amy Schumer. (Still our favorite #girlsquad.)

“Every time a thought may cross my mind about what I’d like to maybe change about myself, I then think, ‘But would I really?’” Jennifer continued. “‘Do I really not want to have a glass of wine at dinner? Would I really not want to eat carbs past 4 p.m.? Would I really want to put in the work to look like that?’ No. You can be a size zero, that’s cool. I’m going to stay at a size four and keep eating. So, I’m happy.”

Amen, Jennifer! Three cheers for being yourself and loving the skin you’re in. “I think feeling beautiful is the most important aspect to being beautiful,” she said.

(Image via 20th Century Fox.)