Jennifer Lawrence and Kris Jenner hang out, because the world is a weird place

When you’re Jennifer Lawrence, and you’re throwing a huge 25th birthday bash, and you can invite anyone in the WORLD, who’s #1 on your guest list? Well, if you’re Jennifer Lawrence, #1 on your guest list is Kris Jenner. And when you’re Kris Jenner and you’re the #1 invitee for J-Law’s birthday party, you show up.

Lawrence turned 25 last week, but just recently threw herself a huge party with all her best friends, one of them being Jenner. We don’t know what kind of party Lawrence actually threw (let alone whatever amazing theme it probably had) but we do know that at one point during the night, Lawrence and Jenner climbed into bed. Literally.

While Lawrence has no presence on social media, Jenner has a TON, and posted a picture of her and Lawrence tangled together in bed. Lawrence loves reality television, and has admitted her love for the Kardashian Clan before. Now we know just how deep it runs, and Jenner captioned her picture, “love you” and “Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!”

Not only did Jenner hangout with Lawrence at the shindig, but Tavi Gevinson, too. If I’m reading the caption correctly, it looks like Gevinson was trying to get a nice, normal picture with Jenner, and then Parenthood‘s Sarah Ramos photobombed it. And then on top of that, Lawrence photobombed the photobomb and jumped into the background. This photo makes me feel like everything is OK in the world.

Once again, huge happy birthday to Jennifer. No idea how she’s ever going to top this for year 26.

(Images via Instagram)