All the times Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco were basically the same person

Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco are two of our all-time favorite ladies. The talented blonde actresses are both at the top of their game, but their similarities don’t stop there. Here are all the times they were basically the same person.

When they both played belly-baring, sassy teens on their first-ever sitcoms:



When they both famously dated a male costar — and then managed to stay friends and keep working together after the breakup.


When they both got killer pixie cuts.


When they both became the highest paid actresses in their fields.

Earning $1 million per episode for The Big Bang Theory, Kaley is the highest paid actress on television. In 2015, Jennifer Lawrence was the highest paid film actress, bringing home $52 million that year.

When they both talked to David Letterman about their love of horseback riding, but also about falling off horses.

When they both just really wanted fast food when they had to go to a red carpet.