Jennifer Lawrence is giving us total warrior princess vibes in this crop top and skirt

Wait a second, has Jennifer Lawrence just appeared in yet another killer outfit for her Passengers promo? Survey says: YES. And this one is literally the definition of badass. While attending a Passengers event in Seoul, Korea, Lawrence wore a skirt and crop top  that gave us a very specific vibe.

As in, Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess!

You all remember Gabrielle, right? She was Xena’s trusty blonde sidekick (and eventually, much more…), and — much like Xena — she really only had one outfit (hey, it was olden times). And you’ll probably also remember that the outfit entailed a skirt and crop top. Yeah, it might not have necessarily been practical, but it looked cute and did the job, and we loved it anyway.

Now first, let’s look at Jen’s ensemble.


We’re digging the lacy detail in the skirt and its soft pink color, and LOVE how she confidently wears that low-cut crop top (it’s not the first time she’s wowed in a crop top; remember that polka-dot outfit?). Who said they’re hard to pull off?!


Okay, now let’s take a super quick peek at our old friend, Gabrielle.


Ummmmmm not to toot our own horn or anything…BUT WE CALLED IT! Sure, the color-scheme is definitely different, but the overall vibe — strong, super cut, blonde ladies owning their thang — is undeniably similar.

Now back to J-Law the warrior.

You might have thought she was barefoot in earlier photos, but she is in fact wearing barely there heels, which are just so badass! In case you haven’t noticed, that’s the running theme of this entire look.


As always, thank you J-Law for inspiring us to unleash our girl power to the max, AKA do some experimenting with our wardrobe! And hey, given the fact that it’s almost Christmas…maybe it’s time do a teensy bit of shopping for a couple new pieces. Bring on the inner-warrior!