All the times Jennifer Lawrence was an inspiring badass

Along with being an incredibly gifted performer, Jennifer Lawrence is easily one of the most relatable and lovable women in all of Hollywood. Our admiration for her knows no bounds: She’s funny, smart, fun, and always speaks her mind, never failing to remind us that our voices have power. It’s no secret that we think she’s pretty darn incredible, and we can think of few actresses as inspiring.

Whether on screen or on the red carpet, Lawrence consistently represents the women we hope to become — a trend she’s continuing right into the holiday season. In her upcoming movie Joy, Lawrence plays real-life badass Joy Mangano, a single mom of three and the inventor of the Miracle Mop. The movie follows four generations of Joy’s self-made business empire, and definitively proves that women know how to get stuff done. It looks all kinds of amazing, and we think the role is a perfect fit for Lawrence.

In fact,  we couldn’t help but reflect on all the times the actress proved just as inspiring as her character. Check out a few of our favorite badass J-Law moments below, and Joy when it hits theaters December 25, 2015.

That time she penned an open letter about pay inequality for Lenny

Earlier this year, J-Law gave her two cents (no pun intended) on sexism in Hollywood for Lena Dunham’s e-newsletter, Lenny. In her essay, the actress shared her personal experience finding out how much less she got paid than her male co-stars; and why it matters now more than ever that we close the wage gap.

When she became the second youngest woman ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actress

Lawrence is definitive proof that age is just a number when it comes to hard work and talent — and she’s got the awards and recognition to prove it. (Plus, has anyone ever recovered from a fall as gracefully as she?)

Every time she’s shot down a sexist interview question

As a woman working in entertainment, J-Law is no stranger to sexist interview questions, but she doesn’t take them lightly. Lawrence is always ready with the perfect, whip-smart response when asked something ridiculous — and proves why we always need to #AskHerMore.

Especially this flawless comeback when an interviewer asked about her weight

An interviewer once commented that Katniss from The Hunger Games was “very skinny,” and followed up by straight-up asking J-Law how much she weighs. Lawrence famously responded, “Why do you want to discuss over my weight? I mean, it doesn’t matter how much I weigh. This is awful. Would you feel comfortable if I ask you how much you weigh? The film is more interesting than discussing this subject.” Heck yeah.

When she reminded us how important it is to believe in yourself

J-Law is all about self-love. In an interview with USA Today, Lawrence said, “I’m a big believer in accepting yourself the way you are and not really worrying about it.” In an interview with Moviefone, she said, “Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure.” Need we say more?

The fact that she’s never said “no” to an onscreen challenge

That includes skinning a real squirrel for Winter’s Bone, just FYI.

When she dropped this super comforting body acceptance quote

“I think we’re all born with certain traits and qualities and it’s important to just work with it and be happy,” she told Nylon in an interview last year. Alternatively, J-Law was also once quoted as saying, “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet, I’m like, ‘You can go f–k yourself.’”

Her incredibly powerful response after her phone was hacked last year

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence was a part of a massive hack that resulted in private photographs from her phone being leaked on the web. It was a horrible and absolutely devastating situation, but Lawrence responded in the most empowering and perfect way possible. In a photo shoot with Vanity Fair, the actress reaffirmed she had nothing to apologize for, and called the ordeal out for what it was: Sexual violation and exploitation.

“You have a choice. You don’t have to be a person who spreads negativity and lies for a living,” she said. “You can do something good. You can be good. Let’s just make that choice and—it feels better.”

All the times she was a thoughtful and loving BFF

Whether it’s checking in on Josh Hutcherson’s red carpet rash, or sending hilarious texts to Amy Schumer post-Emmy win, Lawrence has proved time and time again that she’s an incredible bestie. Nothing is more badass than being there for your friends, and we’d want J-Law in our squad any day.

(Images via Joy.)