Jennifer Lawrence just styled her hair to make it look like she went for a drastic chop

The Internet has become a much more exciting place ever since Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been promoting their upcoming movie Passengers. It’s been an absolute privilege watching Jen and Chris pull the most hilarious pranks on each other and generally bust each other’s chops with a dedicated fury we’ve never seen in any Hollywood duo before. And in the midst of all our laughter, we’re mesmerized, as usual, by all of Jennifer’s style choices.

Jennifer Lawrence can rock pretty much any haircut. We’ve seen Jen with a pixie cut, long flowing locks, and a long bob so famous that it inspired thousands of women to chop a few inches of their own hair. At a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jen debuted an entirely new look that had us all fooled for a hot second.


Okay, so we can all agree that it looks like she cut off half her hair, right? On first glance, you might think she was feeling spontaneous that morning and asked her hairstylist to just get rid of her tresses (hey, we wouldn’t be surprised). But if you look closely when she sits down to have a chat with Jimmy, you can see her waves have been elegantly and subtly pulled back into a low bun of sorts.


It looks so effortlessly done and we’re pretty sure it’s a style we could pull off ourselves. Not that we would expect anything less from Jen.

If you’re in the mood to fawn over Jen’s beauty while simultaneously laughing at her rapport with Chris, watch the video below. It’s basically five minutes of Jen and Chris hilariously insulting each other.

You’re welcome. ?

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