Hey, Upper East Siders, Jennifer Lawrence could have played Serena on “Gossip Girl”

Today in Hollywood could-have-beens, we just found out Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Gossip Girl. Apparently she tried out for the role of Serena van der Woodsen, and was really keen to get it! The creator of Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz, didn’t even know that the now-super celeb really wanted to play the role, and only recently found out through the grapevine.

In an interview with Vulture to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic teen show, Schwartz said:

"We did not realize this at the time, but Jennifer Lawrence really wanted to play Serena and auditioned. This story came to us secondhand, but we were told she definitely auditioned and was bummed to not get it.

Obviously, everything worked out for the best. J. Law went on to have the sparkling film career we’re all so familiar with, and Serena van der Woodsen ended up in great hands with Blake Lively.

But, it’s so interesting to think about what might have been!

And even upon being told that she tried out, Schwartz had a hard time remembering if he saw Lawrence.

“We can’t remember if we saw it or not. It was 10 years ago, and she would’ve been how old, 15?

It’s fun to think about how Gossip Girl, and the two actresses’ careers would be different, had casting gone a different way. But it’s also a great reminder that even the celebs whose killer success we envy had to deal with some rejection early in their careers.

And an even better reminder that if something doesn’t work out for you…Something else might be just around the corner!

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