Jennifer Lawrence’s new Dior campaign is giving us ~major~ Cruella DeVille vibes

Jennifer Lawrence can literally do no wrong in our eyes. She’s refreshingly outspoken, relatable, and an all-around mega babe. The Silver Linings Playbook actress has also been the face of Dior the past couple years and her new fall/winter campaign for the high-end brand is giving us MAJOR Cruella DeVille vibes — in the best possible way!

That white coat + that smoldering gaze is literally EVERYTHING to us right now.


Look at those high cheekbones! And again with that smolder! TBH I haven’t even looked at the bag in this photo yet because J-Law is so on point with her Cruella vibes.


Okay, seriously, we’re calling it now: This photo will straight up make heavy knit, off the shoulder cream sweaters FLY off the shelves this season. How else are you supposed to stay warm in the frigid autumn temps? This is exactly something that Cruella would rock!


Thankfully this isn’t a coat made out of Dalmatians, but the pattern is giving us serious Cruella Deville vibes!


OMG, the color of this sweater + the wintery grey wall behind Jennifer is SO 101 Dalmatians!