Jennifer Lawrence crushed her opening monologue as guest host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night

It’s been an interesting week on Jimmy Kimmel Live — while Kimmel is out this week, he’s had a bunch of fun celebrities fill in. We truly dug Dave Grohl and Channing Tatum’s appearances, but Jennifer Lawrence nailed her opening monologue — and she was the perfect choice to round out the week.

Lawrence started out her monologue by lovingly telling the audience to “shut up,” in that endearing way the actress is known for. Then, she talked a little about how she chose to calm her nerves.

"I suddenly got very nervous about hosting, but then I remembered the advice my mom gave me about overcoming stage fright. So, I drank an entire box of Chardonnay and I feel much better," she said.

Lawrence decided to wear a black and white combo for her big night, and the classy and timeless look was simply perfect for the show. Lawrence compared guest-hosting a show to house-sitting, which we totally get.

The actress also chatted about Julia Roberts, the Dodgers losing the World Series, and how she drank five martinis and ended up naked in Kim Kardashian’s closet. Which is a story she, thankfully, expanded on during the rest of the show.

Watch the monologue for yourself, and prepare to be impressed.

Lawrence wrapped things up by playing a hilarious, yet somewhat mortifying game called “Name 5 Things With Jennifer Lawrence,” in which she asked strangers to name five of her movies.


Surprisingly, even though she’s one of the biggest names in Hollywood, it didn’t go as well as you’d expect.

No matter what, we’re so impressed with Lawrence’s job as host. Maybe it’s about time to give her her own late night show.