Meet your new blockbuster dream team—J. Law and Chris Pratt

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest, and two of our favorite, movie stars together? We’re going to find out with Passenger, the surefire blockbuster starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Separately, they’ve got huge star power. But with their forces combined? Aw man, this is going to be amazing.

The two have been in talks to join the movie for a while, but now it’s officially confirmed. Passenger is described as a sci-fi romance about two space travelers on a long journey to a distant planet. They’ve been cryogenically frozen for the trip, but Pratt’s character wakes up too early. Since he’s feeling awful lonely in space, he awakens Lawrence’s traveler, too. We can’t blame him. If there’s anyone we’d want for company on a long trip, it’s our Internet best friend J.Law.

While this will be a movie with a huge budget — $150 million, basically pocket change — it’s also a huge movie for Lawrence. For Passenger, she’s receiving a bigger salary than Pratt. You might remember a story last year about how Lawrence and her American Hustle co-star, Amy Adams, were paid less than the males in the movie, though they all received equal billing (according to reports, Jeremy Renner, who received less screen time than Lawrence, actually received a bigger salary).

This isn’t just about getting a ton of money for a big movie, this is about how there’s still a noticeably HUGE pay gap between men and women, whether they’re lawyers, doctors, or movie stars.

While Pratt will take home a reported $12 million for the movie, Lawrence will get $20 million — which was her initial asking price. If you were following the Sony leaks, you know one of the biggest revelations to emerge from the reports was J.Law’s negotiation when it came to Passengers—she won a hard-fought battle for equal pay with her male counterparts. And obviously, we know she’s worth every penny.

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