Everything we know about Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s upcoming sexy romance in the stars, “Passengers”

We’ve seen a lot of space films as of late, ones that require you to stare at a single actor for a long time. Sure, we could look at Sandra Bullock all day à la Gravity, and Matt Damon in The Martian wasn’t too hard on the eyes, either. But the next pair of space-bound actors — Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt — has got us real excited to gape at their beautiful faces for a couple hours. The cherry on top? They become romantically intertwined, and we ship that so, so much.

Sony revealed details of its upcoming feature film slated to hit theaters this Christmas, Passengers, at last week’s CinemaCon. The film stars Jennifer and Chris as astronauts en route to the Homestead Colony, a 120-year journey that science has made possible with hibernation pods that stops the inhabitant from experiencing the passage of time. But Chris and J.Law’s capsules pop open too early — with 90 years still left in their journey. J.Law’s character is a writer, Chris’s is a mechanic (we love a guy who works with his hands) and the two inevitably fall for each other as they enjoy the perks of spaceship life, like swimming in the pool and eating in the massive dining room. It sounds like a fancy hotel — just a fancy hotel that’s hurtling through space. There’s even a robot bartender that offers sage advice. The future is now, guys.

The duo is faced with the challenge of saving themselves and 5,000 other peacefully hibernating travelers, and a clip revealed Chris floating off into space…but you’ll just have to go see it to find out if he survives.

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