Jennifer Lawrence gave Aziz Ansari a piggyback ride because #friendship

We’ve just found our new favorite #Squad (sorry, Taylor Swift & Company).

As you’re probably well aware, because it has been marked down in the history book as one of the Greatest Moments of All Time, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have become the best of friends. While we’re thrilled to have the two of them as a dynamic duo, they’ve already started adding more members to their friend group.

One of them happens to be Aziz Ansari — because, another moment for the record books, Ansari and Schumer were touring with the Oddball Comedy Festival, and happened to stop in Atlanta where Lawrence and CHRIS PRATT were filming a new movie, and Ansari and Pratt go way back, because of Pawnee, and everyone decided to hang out, and that is how our favorite friendship foursome was born.

Like, remember when J-Law and Aziz woke Amy Schumer up and it was way too funny? Of course you do. It was the best.

Anyway, that’s the quick backstory as to why Lawrence and Ansari are now BFFs too, and both happened to be in New York to cheer on their girl Schumer during her first SNL hosting gig (Pratt was off somewhere probably naming more penguins with his adorable son and wonderful wife Anna Faris). And as you know, after SNL comes the SNL after-party, which Lawrence and Ansari both attended. When the two left later in the night, proving that their friendship is a great and beautiful friendship, Ansari hopped on Lawrence’s back for a piggyback ride. Did he have one too many glasses of Snake Juice, or does Lawrence just offer piggyback rides to all her BFFs? We’ll take either answer, because we love absolutely everything these two do.

We know these two humans are now good friends, and they actually look it in the pictures. What are they laughing about? Do they already have inside jokes? Serious question, where do we pick up an application to become part of their super-group of funny people? Asking not just for a friend, but for every single person on the planet.

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