Jennifer Lawrence knows exactly how to handle a super awkward interview

Is there anything J-Law can’t do? Now that news has surfaced of a creative partnership between her and Amy Schumer (another unstoppable lady wiping this whole town clean), our vote is always on being in the A-lister’s court whenever she’s faced with adversity.

Even if it’s the mildest, most awkward, most ill-executed kind of adversity, ever. I’m talking about a dude with no game trying to flirt with m’girl.

According to E! Online, British singer Olly Murs, who you may know as a contestant on The X Factor, was stepping in as a guest co-host of The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 when his secret affections for the young star were laid out on the line.

First, his co-host Nick Grimshaw outed his pal for being “the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan,” to which J-Law replied, “Really?  You’ve virtually ignored me since I’ve come here,” Y’ouch. Then, Murs fumbled through a later question asking her, “What’s your ideal type of man?”

Jennifer, no stranger to this line of awkward flirting simply replied, “I’m gonna start with English.” Though when it came time for the big moment post-interview, Murs struggled to make a romantic connection. There was no kiss, just a quick friendly peck on the cheek. The same you’d give your Granny on Boxing Day.

After all was said and done, Murs took to Instagram to air out his regrets: “Seriously need to go back to flirting after meeting Miss Lawrence.” But who can blame him? It’s like he ran into the SATs but only studied 2+2 — you gotta work your way up to that J.Law caliber of flirtation, dude. 

Watch the whole cringe-worthy (but kinda sweet) thing here:


(Image via YouTube, Instagram)