Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt discover something terrifying in the new “Passengers” trailer

Two of the biggest movie stars — Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt — are journeying to the stars together for the movie Passengers. And in the new trailer for Passengers, we are getting a little more intel on this sci-fi adventure. As two people who wake up 90 years too early on a journey to a colony in space, we know that Pratt and Lawrence’s characters will fall in love. However, there may be something more sinister going on than just romance since they need to discover why they are the two people who emerged from their deep sleep.

The new teaser trailer, “Event” uses a lot of clips from the official full-length Passengers trailer, but it’s still giving us plenty to ponder.

What’s the reason you woke up early, Chris Pratt?! Tell us!

The idea that there is a conspiracy behind why Pratt’s Jim and Lawrence’s Aurora are the only two passengers (ahem) awake takes more center stage in the “Event” trailer versus the original one. Mostly because the words, “Nothing happens by accident” are shown between cuts of intense scenes.

And just in case you missed the original Passengers trailer, here it is for comparison:

In preparation for when it’s released in theaters on December 21st, Sony Pictures Entertainment has been posting a lot of these shorter teaser trailers on its YouTube page. Along with “Event,” the “Lock Down” teaser was posted on November 23rd.

“Lock Down” doesn’t give us any information on the story, but it makes us SUPER STRESSED OUT for Lawrence and Pratt.

Another super stressful clip? “Gravity Loss,” posted on November 17th which shows the horrifying, but visually stunning, perils of swimming in a pool when your spaceship loses gravity.

While we’re pumped for a Lawrence-Pratt movie romance, we don’t think we’ll be equally stoked when we find out why the ship woke them up. But we will still be down for this spaceship ride come December.