Here’s how Jennifer Lawrence congratulated bestie Amy Schumer on her Emmy

Is there anything more amazing and perfect than the friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer? Seriously, two talented, accomplished, hilarious, kick-ass women becoming besties is something that we can all get behind. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. This year, we found out that not only are the pair vacationing (and jet-skiing!) together, but jumping on pianos with Billy Joel. Oh, and they’re working together on what will undoubtedly be the most hilarious screenplay of all time.

So naturally, when Amy won an Emmy for Best Sketch Comedy Series (and gave a totally sweet, heartfelt speech that made her makeup artist famous overnight), her BFF had her back. When Amy was backstage, she talked to Entertainment Tonight, saying that “Jennifer sent me a really sweet text.”

Of course, it’s Jennifer we’re talking about here, so she wouldn’t just send lots of soppy compliments and cute kisses — she sent her a congratulations with her own classic, J-Law twist. “She said that I looked pretty, but not smart,” Amy said, then promptly cracked up. When the reporter responded, “No, she did not,” Amy nodded, saying, “She did. She’s really funny. She’s the real deal funny.”

Man, if you’re told you’re funny by Amy Schumer, that’s a legit seal of approval. But obviously, we already knew that about Jennifer — a woman who falls unabashedly on the red carpet, talks about her love for food, and makes facial expressions, well, like this:

Oh and J.Law didn’t just send her well wishes to her bestie, she decorated Amy’s hotel room with some pretty ridic balloons. See Instagram evidence below.

Amy also briefly chatted to Entertainment Tonight about the aforementioned screenplay she’s writing with J-Law, saying, “My sister and Jen and I wrote a movie together so we’re gonna hopefully be shooting that in a year or something. We’re busy!”

Check out the entire clip below. Congratulations, Amy! Obviously, you are beautiful AND smart. . . and you and J are friendship goals, to the max.

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