Jennifer Lawrence was almost in the new Tarantino movie

We’re pretty jazzed to see Jennifer Lawrence play badass entrepreneur Joy Mangano (AKA inventor of the Miracle Mop) this holiday season in the eponymous Joy, but did you know JLaw was in talks to star in another big-deal holiday movie?

That’s right, as Quentin Tarantino recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly, he was definitely considering Lawrence in The Hateful Eight as fugitive prisoner Daisy Domergue.

Tarantino goes on to explain that even though the two met, he soon realized that it was going to be insanely hard to cast this very in-demand actress.

It ended up working out for the best. Tarantino cast Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has a couple decades on Lawrence, and Tarantino ended up without regrets, happy that he didn’t place Daisy in her 20’s.

All’s well that ends well, now we get to see both Lawrence AND Leigh kick ass and take names this holiday season. Check out the rest of Tarantino’s interview with EW over here.

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