Jennifer Lawrence gives us fool proof lessons on how to recover from an accidental kiss

Awkward moments happen to us all. That’s what we all learned Thursday night when a MAJOR awk moment happened to Jennifer Lawrence.

Of course, Jennifer is the queen of awkward moments. After all, she falls all the time, and every single time she handles it like a BOSS. This time, though, did not have to do with falling. Well, it *kind* of did — a kiss falling in the wrong place.

At The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 premiere on Thursday, Jennifer saw co-star Natalie Dormer from afar. And she walked over to her from behind, meaning to kiss her on the cheek. But Natalie must have sensed her, and she turned in her direction at exactly the wrong moment. . . meaning the two kissed full on, on the lips.

But, as always, Jennifer handled it with hilarious grace. She laughed like crazy while saying, “Oh my God, I’m sorry! We just kissed on camera!” Natalie nodded while laughing, saying, “We did do that.” Then Jennifer responded, “And I liked it.”

And just like that, it transformed from an ultra-awkward moment to a hilarious joke to add to Lawrence’s list of faux-pas-turned-brilliance. Seriously, Jennifer, can you teach us how to make every awkward social moment into something hysterical? Because I can barely get over an awkward office moment, let alone KISSING A MAJOR STAR ON THE RED CARPET BY ACCIDENT.

Check out the clip below and check out the brilliance in action.

(Image via YouTube.)