Why you’ll never see Jennifer Lawrence’s Abercrombie modeling photos

Is there nothing Jennifer Lawrence can’t do? Yes, apparently, if you’re asking her to play football with anything less than full-on linebacker power. The movie star/our fantasy best friend recently told a hilarious tale of her early days in modeling that left clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch quite literally speechless.

Speaking to British celebrity interviewer Graham Norton on his BBC program, The Graham Norton Show, Jennifer admitted that even before she hit super-stardom, she was committing 100% to any role given. Thus, when Abercrombie & Fitch hired her as a model for a beach-themed shoot, she took their direction to play football with total seriousness.

“The other models are like playing football in a pretty way, but not me,” Lawrence recalls. “..I’ve got a red face, covered in sweat, my nostrils are flaring.”

Jen’s method performance didn’t really seem to impress the other models on the shoot. “At one point a girl yelled ‘get her away from me!” She laughs. If only they knew then who they were dealing with!

After booking and shooting the job, which could have been a landmark for her career (the company is known for aiding in the launch of several major stars, including Channing Tatum and Taylor Swift) Jennifer wondered why they never heard from A&F or saw the spread released. She soon found out.

“I did the whole campaign and the pictures never came out, and I didn’t know why,” Jennifer remembers. “My agent wrote and asked why, and they literally only responded with the photos.” Apparently sometimes a picture (of you red-faced and sweaty amid a sea of models) is worth 1000 words.

But while Jennifer’s overall campaign with Abercrombie & Fitch was a bust, there is at least one photo that survived her unfortunate reputation at the company. The black and white image shows a grinning, natural-look Jennifer all the way back in 2006. There doesn’t seem to be a football in sight, but you still get the feeling that this is a girl up for just about anything, and, as it turns out, with the whole world soon to be at her feet.

Check out Jen’s interview about her short-lived modeling career below, along with hilarious tales from Eddie Redmayne’s modeling days as well.

(Image via video.)