Jennifer Hudson is savage AF in this rap battle with James Corden

Who knew Jennifer Hudson was a badass emcee? But honestly, we should’ve known. James Corden and Jennifer Hudson’s Drop the Mic battle was one for the history books, but again, we should’ve known. James Corden, as a pretty musically gifted individual himself, is an expert at getting the best out of our fave singers, whether it’s in a rap battle or during Car Pool Karaoke. His Drop the Mic battle with Jennifer Hudson was particularly great, because we usually associate her with her knock-out voice, so it was exciting to hear her doing something new…

*Especially* since her takedown of James Corden was totally and completely savage. Damn, girl.

James Corden tried to take Jennifer Hudson down a peg by saying that even though she won an Oscar for Dreamgirls, nobody remembers she’s in it because Beyoncé stole the spotlight. And Jennifer Hudson was not having it. She went for the throat — or, y’know. Other tender bits.

Here’s her rhyme:

"Listen, London knows you, James that part is true. I can tell 'cause everyone here already hates you. Your success in America brought us down to our knees, singing, 'London, ya'll take this fool back please. Now no more fat jokes,' cause it's below the belt. I mean it though, but you can't see it though, just like your penis."

We’re actually dying. Does penis rhyme? Who cares. Girl is sauvage. We’re also kind of hoping her slayage at the Drop the Mic battle inspires her to do some more rapping in her future.

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