Jennifer Hudson singing Aretha Franklin at karaoke is as amazing as you’d expect

Who better than to rock the mic during a karaoke session than Jennifer Hudson? Jen had a total blast last night with the cast of The Color Purple and shared some of the highlights with us on Instagram — including her belting out Aretha Franklin.

The cast hit up Planet Rose, a karaoke bar in New York City’s East Village that brags about their “astonishingly girthy songbook” on their website. We know the Purple cast are professionals and all, but it’s *amazing* to watch them members show off their talents in a totally different setting. First, the Broadway pals had some fun dancing:

But then they got to singing. Jennifer couldn’t help but sing one of her own songs, “Where You At”: 

Then Jennifer decided to tackle some Aretha Franklin. (Hey, if there is anyone who has the pipes to do sing Aretha, it’s her.)  The first try didn’t go as planned, because she accidentally started singing at the wrong time (hey, it happens).

But it turns out that the second time’s the charm, because her performance of Aretha’s “Never Loved A Man” gave us serious goosebumps.

Oh, Jennifer, your voice can move mountains. And we loved listening to her duet with co-star Patrice Covington, who plays Squeak in The Color Purple:

You know, just Jennifer Hudson, going down in history — one karaoke sesh at a time.

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