Jennifer Grey reveals who she’d cast in a “Dirty Dancing” remake, and we’re 100% on board

Dirty Dancing is one of the most iconic films in history and no doubt one of our ’80s favs. During a recent interview on Just Jenny with radio host Jenny Hutt, actress Jennifer Grey (aka Baby) revealed who she’d cast in a Dirty Dancing remake. And we’re SO all about it (have we mentioned we love Dirty Dancing? Yes? Okay sorry).

While ABC announced they have a three-hour remake in the works (starring Abigail Breslin and Cole Prattes), we’d seriously LOVE to see the version Grey proposed.

“I think Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling, Grey said. “Wouldn’t you like to see them? Or Channing Tatum? I don’t know if she's young enough to play that virgin thing, but she’s so gorgeous. She’s just the best, most beautiful, amazing — and a great dancer.

Are you kidding? Of course that would make for an epic remake! Truth be told, we’d watch Gosling and Portman in anything and it’s clear she agrees.


“The Gos has just got something, you know what I mean? He’s just got something and he’s that very mysterious [...] Like you look at him and you go like, ‘Oh God. What would that be like?’ You know what I mean?

She also admitted to having her eye on Gosling way back during his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse days when he showed off his moves alongside Justin Timberlake. However, if Gosling weren’t the guy, she gushes just as much over Channing Tatum, and again, we’re totally on board!

“He dances and he’s a smoke show. He’s a goofball and he’s a genius because he’s so smart. He’s smart enough to not take himself seriously. He’s crazy smart.


And of course, she’s a fan of Magic Mike (because who isn’t?!).

“I was screaming and kicking. I could not believe the amount of sexual energy in his dancing [...] It’s just a beautiful thing.

Ms. Grey, we are seriously liking what you’re putting down. Now get it together, Hollywood!

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