Jennifer Garner just posted a video of herself crying about “Hamilton” while high on anesthesia

You’re welcome in advance, everyone. Because Jennifer Garner posted a video of herself high on anesthesia after a visit to the dentist, and we, in turn, are sharing it with you. That’s right. Girl was high as a kite after a dental procedure, and took it upon herself to make a phone call to a friend to gush/sob about her love for a particular song from the musical Hamilton. As in, Lin Manuel-Miranda’s hit Broadway show.

And we mean sob.

And, to be perfectly honest, this moment of pure, unfiltered humanity only makes us love Garner more. Seriously — she could be literally any one of us in this candid moment of drug-induced emotion. Take a look:

Jen, you’ve officially won throwback Thursday forever. Everyone else can just give up.

And yes, Lin saw the post. He’s just as tickled as we are.

When Garner isn’t posting epic Instagram throwbacks, she’s remaining extremely busy on the professional front. She starred in last year’s Wakefield opposite Bryan Cranston, and currently has five (count ’em, five!) projects in various stages of development.

In the non-acting realm, Jennifer’s contributing to her community in major ways. She’s an official trustee for Save the Children, and recently participated in the Hand-in-Hand telethon to raise money for hurricane relief efforts.

She’s also co-founder of an organic baby food company called Once Upon A Farm. According to a press release earlier this week, the company’s mission is to, “to grow into new categories with the goal of providing as many children as possible with the best-tasting, most nutritious and highest quality foods, using sustainable methods.”

Honestly, we’re pretty in awe of Ms. Garner. Now let’s keep those throwback vids coming — you’re clearly a pro.

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