Jennifer Garner posted a tribute video to her dead pet chicken, and prepare to cry-laugh

Some pet owners are “dog people,” and some are “cat people.” But Jennifer Garner has christened herself a “Chicken Lady” for parenting a flock of foul. The actress previously posted photos of herself walking her pet chicken, Regina George, on a leash, and we were immediately smitten with the fowl. But yesterday, April 2nd, we were saddened to learn that Regina George has passed on, when Garner posted a tribute to her pet on Instagram.

The actress shared a video mourning the loss of her chicken, who was named after the character from Mean Girls. The moving tribute featured shots of Garner walking Regina George on a leash, reading beside the bird, and feeding her along with the rest of the flock.

"Please enjoy this tribute to Chicken Regina George, who passed away from natural causes," Garner captioned the video. "#shewasourfavorite #RIP #shelivedagoodlife."

A shot of Regina George’s gravestone in the video revealed that the chicken had passed on March 20th. She was born in July 2017, making her less than a year old at the time of her death.

Garner first introduced us to her feathered friend in a November Instagram post of the actress walking the chicken on a blue leash. Garner wrote that Regina George loved kale, dehydrated bugs, and long walks, but joked that, like her namesake, she hated carbs.

We’re sure that, wherever she is, Regina George is contentedly pecking away at all the kale she can eat. It’s always heartbreaking when pets die, and our thoughts are with Garner and the rest of her flock. Rest in peace, Regina George.

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