Jennifer Garner’s Ode to Traveling Will Make You Laugh *and* Cry

Yes, we even kind of miss cramped airplane seats.

Given that it’s been nearly a full calendar year since the coronavirus pandemic upended our lives in ways both big and small, it’s understandable if you’re missing things from pre-pandemic life, like traveling. Jennifer Garner can relate—she just posted a memorial to both traveling and tight jeans, and it’ll probably make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

Garner took to Instagram on January 27th to share a photo and video montage of her plane journeys, captioning it, “Travel: A Memorial (aka Tight Jeans: Goodbye Forever) ?♥️?.” Set to a dramatic, super sad piano song, the Love, Simon star can be seen walking down an airplane’s jet bridge, carry-on bags in tow, doing leprechaun kicks before boarding her flight. She then showed footage of all the silly, mundane things one does during the air travel experience: carrying many, many suitcases; dancing along the terminal’s moving walkway; taking a phone call steps away from the gate; managing to lug said suitcases down a moving escalator; and, of course, sleeping. So. Much. Sleeping.

Our hearts really can’t handle this level of hilarity and sadness right now, because all we want is to get on a plane and go anywhere other than our own living rooms.

Garner’s video somehow made us miss all the things we used to complain about: carrying our luggage, crowded gates and late departures, having to dress for all kinds of temperature changes, and even taking awkward plane naps stuffed into a tiny seat…because at least it meant we were going somewhere.

Of course, doing it all in tight jeans just feels unholy, so if we’re being honest, we’re ready to put all of that in the past for good. All jokes aside though, we look forward to the day when this pandemic is truly behind us, so we can get on a plane and visit those we love and miss, as well as see sights beyond our own neighborhoods. We can’t guarantee we won’t complain, but at least we’ll be in comfier pants when we do it.

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